Our Story

Our Story


Julian Matthews flourished from the desire to focus on what really matters. You can never buy time. You can only make it stand still in your own heart and mind.

Founded by a group of like-minded creatives, our watches came to be from a necessity to fuse style with a genuine ethos. They desired to place a focus on fine craftsmanship, all the while relishing the essentials in life. This idea found its feet following the realization that life can become more authentic by enjoying everything at its most simple. By chasing the slow and de-cluttering our lives, by letting go of the unimportant. By laughing it all off, or taking a second to enjoy all that surrounds us.

Through a downtown rush or taking in the early morning view from the highest of mountain peaks, our pieces are made to fit your journey. They’re a reminder of how beautiful pure simplicity can be. That you can surprise yourself. That every step you take should be enjoyed, and that rushing through life only makes time all that more elusive. Escape an inexplicable time-starved rush, and instead passionately dance to a slower beat. Allow every second to be filled with happiness by making more time for merry making.

To enshrine these values with eternal style and the finest quality Julian Matthews was Born 


From our values to our style, all the way through to our design, everything we do is an ode to minimalism.

For us, minimalism is not just about aestheticism. It is the pursuit of a raw, pure essence. That’s why we craft our quality pieces with heart, intention and substance. We create watches that act less like a timepiece and more like a muse, inspiring you to live your life exactly the same way.


We believe a watch shouldn‘t just look good, but actually work well too. Each Julian Matthews piece is made with genuine craftsmanship, quality materials and immense attention to detail from the inside to the out. Our aim is create for people with great, timeless taste. That motivates us to craft watches that preserve value for generations. Designed to last with you throughout your journey, wherever it may take you.